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About us

The idea for eGodparent came from a conversation between Peter West and his old friend, Chris Bain, about how poorly they fulfilled their Godparental responsibilities towards each other's children.

They quickly saw that the Internet was the perfect medium for:
  •  bringing together information about what Godparenting means and sharing experiences
  •  operating a reminder service for Godchildren's birthdays etc
  •  recommending appropriate gifts that children would appreciate
They scoured the Internet to see what was already available and found precious little other than some Christening gift shops and a site called Godparent.org, which is about a home for pregnant teenagers in the Blue Ridge Mountains! And so eGodparent was born.

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What Godparenting's about?

We have asked representatives from the major Christian churches in the UK to contribute their thoughts on what Godparenting means in the 21st century. We have also canvassed the thoughts of people outside the Church as to what it can mean to those who see it as a spiritual rather than a religious obligation. However, this is a site for Godparents. We have already gathered some stories of Godparenting, good and bad, and we would really like to hear more. So, if you had a brilliant Godparent, tell us what they did that was so great; and if you think you have got it just right with your Godchildren, tell us how you do it, so we can all share and learn.

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The Gift ShopBlocks

We also found, with the help of our own children and other friends and family advisors, we could put together a list of gifts suitable for specific ages and gender. Our selection is far more diverse and interesting than can be found under the roof of any toy shop or gift shop, or, for that matter, in any of the internet sites we trawled. Some have more toys, some have more books, but we have tried to provide a wide variety of presents, while reducing the mind-boggling array you can sometimes find, to a manageable selection. And all at competitive prices. We are sure you can think of great presents we do not stock. We would, therefore, really like to hear any suggestions. We have only just started and we hope to increase the range substantially next year, so please feel free to contribute.Click here

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Charitable Giving

eGodparent supports a number of different charities: Peter and Chris have for some years supported children in Africa and India through World Vision and they are keen to continue this support through eGodparent. So please excuse us if we ask you, when you make a purchase on the site, to think for a moment about what a similar amount would buy for a child in Ethiopia, Bangladesh etc. If you do not know their work already, go and look at the World Vision site for yourself and see what they do. Think of sponsoring a child and encouraging your own Godchild to get involved - maybe do a project on it for school.

We are offering two animal adoption schemes as gifts. These do not mean you have to buy gifts for those animals until they are confirmed! We just felt that adopting an animal, be it a rhino at Whipsnade or an elephant at the Born Free Foundation in Kenya, would be a thought provoking gift for a Godchild. Both our charities and eGodparent make nothing out of passing on your contribution.

Elizabeth Handy, our wonderful portrait photographer, available in the 'Fantastic Gifts' category, has agreed to waive any fees, but ask, instead for a contribution to be made to one of a number of child-related charities.

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The Cast List

Peter West, Founder

picPeter has, until now, been a pretty inadequate Godfather to Hamish (aged 12) and Richard (aged 14). He hasn't yet taken either of them to see Everton FC play (but maybe they are grateful for that). Perhaps because his own children are both girls, he has never been very good with boys' presents but he has just given Jostein Garder's "Hello, is anybody there?" to Hamish. This is a wonderfully inspirational book about the world, life and what it's all about - not to be read by a child, although it is easy enough for that, but a perfect book to be read and talked about with a Godparent.

Peter hopes to do better now he has got their details registered on the site.

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Chris Bain, Co-Founder

picA similarly inadequate Godfather to Isadora (14), James (18) and Rosie (8), Chris also has four kids of his own; Finlay (14), Hamish (12), Angus (10) and Flora (8), who are all present consultants for eGodparent! All of them have been at one time or another to see him play the flute (or piccolo), in the pit at London's "Phantom of the Opera" or at the Royal Opera House. He can also frequently be heard and seen on TV, radio and concert platform with the BBC Concert Orchestra. Most summers he can be spotted on a beach on the south coast of England dressed as a clown and showing children the best ways to fall off a windsurfer. As a Godparent he has always been full of good intent... hopes to do better now he has got their details registered on the site.
pic "My goodness is Isadora really ten already?" - "No - she is 14!"

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Sue West, Company Secretary and Present Advisor

picMaybe it's just because Godmothers are much better than Godfathers that Sue has acquired more than a few over the years: Stephanie (33), James, (29), Hannah (28), Angus (26), Emily (26), Anna (24), Lucy (24), Jeannie (23), Kate (20), Henry (18), Richard (13,) and Lily (7) (just to prove she can still remember them all!)

In their early years it was difficult to see them on a regular basis and form relationships with them, but James, Jeannie, Emily and Lucy have all been to stay for a few days at a time in their teenage years.

Sue firmly believes that Godparents can really come into their own for older children, post Confirmation, when a relationship with an adult outside the immediate family can prove invaluable and provide a bridge between parents and child.

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