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Everything you wanted to know about Godparenting - and a little bit more! Godparenting means different things to different people, so we have asked people inside and outside the Church to tell us what it means to them. You will find a full listing in the index on the left. Go and have a look for yourself! click here
Don't tell us you are never going to forget a Godchild's birthday!
Well don't wait another minute. Go straight to our free birthday e-mail reminder service, register a few details about yourself and your Godchildren and we will send you reminders when birthdays are coming up. Never forget another birthday! The Members Area is where you will go back to keep your list of Godchildren up to date. If you are coming to the site looking for a gift for one of your registered godchildren come to the members Area first and you will find a selection specially chosen. All 100% password protected! To register right now, click here.
For many Godparents, it is not just the remembering, it is knowing what to get a 7-year-old boy when you don't have any children yourself.
So we have set up a brilliant gift recommendation system and what we think is the best selection of children's gifts you will find anywhere. Where else could you find Bibles, jewellery, Dolphin Adoption, the best fiction, Name a Star, wonderful soft toys, Dolls' houses, train sets and hundreds of great ideas, all under one virtual roof? All at very competitive prices.
Also none of our gifts are tested on animals; they are all tested on children. click here
For anyone planning a Christening or who has been asked to be a Godparent this is the perfect information centre answering questions like:
What does it cost?
What are the Christian responsibilities of a Godparent?
What if you are not much of a Churchgoer?
How should you choose godparents?
What will they have to say at the service?
What gifts do you give?
and much more.
click here
This site is not really intended for Children, but this page aims to help them understand what it is all about. click here
We really want this website to be the most comprehensive resource centre for Godparents so if there is anything you can add, questions we have not answered, church views we have not represented, or just your own Godparenting stories, we want to hear from you. click here

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